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“90 Days of Art” is an online Art Journal and Exhibit for charity. An average of one painting, sketch, doodle, or art nugget is produced per day, for a 90-day period.
Each item is available for sale as a limited-edition print or framed piece of art.

50% of the profits are donated to the American Red Cross, offering disaster relief assistance to families by supplying shelter, meals, and supplies. The initial donation was submitted on July 31, 2011 (for Series I) and subsequent donations will be made at the end of each month—on an ongoing basis until the art and print editions are sold out.

WHY am I doing this?

My intent is to contribute to global human relief efforts in a meaningful relevant way. Since I am a designer & artist, it seems most appropriate to facilitate this process via a creative method. I strongly believe that fine art, commerce, and social media can create change for charitable causes.

In addition, I also like the idea of each contributor receiving a tangible acknowledgment for their generosity.

WHO am I?

My name is John Beck McConnico. I am a San Francisco-based creative director, designer, and artist. I’m co-founder of SemiBig Creative Industries, a multidisciplinary design shop located in Berkeley, California. We’re also the proud parents of PopSlice, the online website-creation tool for Artists & Creatives.

WHERE is the art produced?

All pieces are printed, framed, and shipped from ImageKind, a trusted online print provider. Each item is printed on archival paper, safely packaged and delivered to your door. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Some pieces are also offered as original one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Not all are posted online, but feel free to contact me if you are interested in the original of any prints.

HOW can I participate?

Browse through the online catalog and buy something if you feel inclined. If not, my feelings won’t be hurt—please donate directly to the Red Cross instead: http://redcross.org/donate